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Genset Life Cycle

At Castle Power, we support you through the entire asset life cycle of your genset. From commissioning to near end of life we are there through our expert service technicians and genuine parts. With this level of support, you can renew your genset life cycle as many times possible. Case in point: FG Wilson gensets in NPC has been operating at 42,000 hours for 11 years now. This can continue for another 50,000 hours and many more years with proper service support.

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Service Coverage

Service Offerings

We make sure that you have the confidence in owning an FG Wilson genset. So before we turned it over, we conduct thorough tests. A short walkaround...

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Caterpillar (NI) Ltd through its tradename FG Wilson warrants new electric power generation products sold by it to be free of defects in material and …


Our Certified Expert Technicians can perform virtually all kinds of repair for your gensets. They are proficient in mechanical and electrical aspects …


Based on the genset life cycle when the engine is at near end of life (starting 10000 hours), an overhaul is needed. However, before making such …


Castle Power - FG Wilson group has three(3) dedicated Product Support Service Representatives or PSSRS that always available to assist you. You can select services such as parts quotes, major or minor overhauls, repairs ...


FG Wilson generator sets are designed for long and reliable operations. But, with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with you and Castle Power …

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