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Service Level Agreement

FG Wilson generator sets are designed for long and reliable operations. But, with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with you and Castle Power, you can predict the cost of maintenance and repairs right at the beginning.

SLAs allows you to bundle together the cost of parts and services from the start.  We can work out a maintenance plan that specifically suits your needs, from a basic Preventative Maintenance plan to a comprehensive Total Maintenance and Repair plan and you can pre-schedule all your maintenance for a time that works for you.

The benefits of a Service Level Agreement are:

  • Flexibility, choose the level of maintenance that suits your business

  • Increased uptime - properly maintained generator sets run longer and better

  • Early warning, an SLA can minimize costs by finding and repairing before a major failure happens

  • Forward plan your maintenance schedule

  • Covers all parts for routine maintenance

  • Work carried out by our FG Wilson certified technicians, with latest technology and tools

  • Only genuine FG Wilson parts used for repairs

Levels of SLA

Levels of SLA.png

Components of SLA:

  • Inventory Management - Agreed level of inventory in Customer, Dealer, and Supply Chain sides. This level of inventory is routinely monitored for stock quantity to monitor parts consumption, thereby preventing potential parts stockouts.

  • Training - Castle Power will increase the customer staff’s skill and knowledge by providing proactive training in our classroom and on-site. Training provided will be as follows:

    1.  Operation and Maintenance

    2.  System Operation Testing and Adjusting

    3.  Troubleshooting

    4.  Disassembly and Assembly

    5.  Specifications

  • Dedicated Account Manager - A dedicated PSSR (Product Support and Service Representative) will be assigned to handle all your concerns.​

  • Response Time - An agreed response time will be worked out to include time to answer phone call and email and time to mobilize to site.

  • On-Call Service - also referred to as time-to-resolution. Designed to resolve unexpected genset failure that requires immediate action and assistance. A qualified technician will be dispatched to site within a predefined and agreed timeframe to restore the operation to normal. Typical time-to-resolutions are shown below:

  • Technical Support - Castle Power's Technical Support provides unlimited access to our local expertise and Caterpillar’s support system. Capitalizing from two support needs, our organization can assess any situation to remedy failures.

Technical support.jpg
  • Spare Parts Services - In conjunction with Inventory Management, Castle Power assists customers with spare parts identification and lead time inquiry. In addition, we also provide our client with update on Service Bulletins.

  • Site Survey - As needed, Castle Power can provide suggestion in space planning using a proprietary app from FG Wilson called Blueprint® 

  • Preventive Maintenance - Aims for increased reliability and extended service life. It overs all materials for planned maintenance and labor cost. Shown below are the common problems in the generator set and on the right are the preventive maintenance activities that could prevent those problems from happening.

      Typical scope of works for the preventive maintenance are:

  1. Cooling System

  2. Fuel System

  3. Air Induction & Exhaust System

  4. Lubrication System

  5. Starting System

  6. Control Panel

  7. Sanitation

  8. Testings

    • Without Load​

    • With Load

    • Meager Test

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