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The Power You Need!

Castle Power has the power that you need, as an appointed distributor of FG Wilson generator set, we can provide you a wide range of diesel generators from 8kVA to 1500kVA.


Castle Power focuses on providing customized solutions to its customer's power needs. We can be your partner in achieving your goals and plans. We have a competent, experienced, and professional team that works with integrity. 

We Provide Power

Small Range (8kVA – 218kVA)

This range is best for residential, small businesses like mini-mart, dental, hardware, bakery, boutique, and similar areas.

Medium Range (250kVA – 625kVA)

A Trusted solution in critical sectors such as hospitals, refineries, petrochemical plants, the steel industry, and similar areas.

Large Range (1000kVA – 1500kVA)

This range is used as the main or secondary power source for industrial complexes or hospitals in addition to being used in regions where no power supply is available.

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