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As one of the strategic brands of Caterpillar, SEM provides reliable support to rapidly increasing customers worldwide. Our business relies on customer satisfaction, which is our principle of doing business, which is also our commitment to customers.


  • Fast Response

  • Prompt Solutions

  • Greater Satisfaction


  • Comprehensive Solutions

  • Attentive

  • Efficient


  • Honest and Sincere

  • Reliable Services

  • Greater Peace of Mind


  • Experts in the Fields

  • Greater Confidence


  • Full Range of Services

  • Seamless Experience


We provide a variety of services and parts to help our customers maximize the value of their equipment.


  • A maintenance package can be purchased in advance. Parts can be replaced on-site immediately

  • Preventive maintenance can reduce maintenance time and costs

  • Multi-level maintenance options enable the reuse of parts and allow for more flexible and exclusive solutions

SEM Repair Options
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Level 1

Reseal & Rebearing


  • Includes bearings, seals, gaskets, and normal one-life "wear" parts

  • Paper or stock kits offering



  • Extends life

  • Before failure

  • 100% new parts replacement

  • Lower cost

Level 2

Reseal & Rebearing Plus


  • Includes all level 1 parts

  • Replaces or reconditions other critical parts

  • The customer can specify additional parts



  • Extends life

  • Before failure

  • Lower cost

Level 3

Dealer Retrofit


  • Dealer retrofit, dealer exchange

  • Including all level 1 part

  • All multiple-life parts are inspected



  • Before or after failure

  • Immediate availability for exchange

The Customer Support Agreement helps you integrate various needs such as the purchasing of parts, maintenance and repair. It provides you with a comprehensive equipment management plan. From a PM plan to a comprehensive maintenance & repair plan, you can work with the SEM dealer to formulate a management plan that matches your requirements and schedule. The maintenance & repair work can be done in advance when possible.

Customer Support Agreement (CSA)


Encompassing SEM brand product value and confidence in quality, customers can avail of SEM Extended Protect (SEP). SEP offers complete lifecycle services when the standard warranty period ends, such as coverage for the entire machine or specific components.

SEM Extended Protection (SEP)


In the face of fierce competition, increasing costs, and other challenges, your profits may suffer. Effective equipment management will help reduce operational costs. SEM can automatically collect relevant information through Cat® Product Link to tell you the specific location of the machine, working hours, and when it will require maintenance. This data provides timely and practical information to help you make decisions faster and more efficiently.

Cat® Product Link™


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