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Excellent for your machine, success for your business.

The SEM Customer Support Agreement is a simple solution to keep your heavy machinery on the project and accessible for use. Discover why a SEM Customer Support Agreement is a wise decision for a more successful and productive business.


Keeping your heavy machinery in excellent shape

The reliability you require comes from an equipment that has been well-maintained, increasing the safety, productivity, and efficiency of your equipment. Using only Genuine SEM Parts, the appropriate diagnostic instruments, and relevant database systems, our qualified SEM specialists are experts on your equipment.


Customized to meet your needs

The built-in flexibility of a SEM Customer Support Agreement is customized for your business. We can tailor your support agreement to your unique needs thanks to a variety of alternatives. An optimized service plan for your machine and operational schedule is included.  Additionally, we can keep an eye on the health of your heavy machinery and optimize the effectiveness of each repair visit.

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Improved economy

Make your equipment and paperwork efficient. To achieve the highest possible equipment uptime, you can lower the risk of unplanned interruptions and repairs with a SEM Customer Support Agreement. Additionally, it saves you time spent managing invoicing and scheduling services. A customer support agreement could help you cut back on expenditures and administrative work.

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Lower ownership costs

It benefits you greatly to keep your machine in peak working order. After all, a SEM Customer Support Agreement can cut your total cost of ownership by lowering the risk of expensive unplanned downtime, lowering fuel expenses, and boosting residual value of your machine, to name a few benefits. 

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Peace of mind and better control

You can increase operational and financial control by letting us maintain your machine for a set monthly charge. Most importantly, a SEM Customer Support Agreement allows you to run your business worry-free so that you may concentrate on expanding it.

What suits you the best?

A SEM Customer Support Agreement is made to keep your heavy equipment running and increase your bottom line, whether you want periodic maintenance or maximum uptime. Get the ideal solution for you and your operation by looking into our support agreement.





Equipment preventive maintenace

The SEM Customer Support Agreement is a plan of routine checks and services to keep your machine maintained in accordance with SEM recommendations. High-calibre SEM professionals perform the work, and only Genuine SEM parts and lubricants are used.

Features and benefits

Preventive maintenance is covered by a service plan that is customized to your needs and schedule. Remote workshop connections enable efficient visits, which improve uptime, minimize business interruptions, reduce paperwork for you, ensure high quality service, and guarantee a well-maintained machine.

Expertise at your disposal and the SEM advantage

Nobody is more familiar with your machine and how to maintain it than we are. Your machine will continue to operate effectively and dependably thanks to the expertise, genuine SEM parts. And equipment of our devoted service professionals. Maintaining your machine on the jobsite and ready for work is our main priority.



Why jeopardize dependability? You can count on SEM for high- quality work in all of our services. This guarantee is the cornerstone of our Customer Service Agreements. The same is true for Genuine SEM Parts, which are created especially for SEM machines and are tested to ensure they meet the criteria of Caterpillar's manufacturing standards, helping to maximize the residual value of your SEM equipment while maintaining its dependable performance.



One of the numerous ways we may assist your operation is through a site assessment of the status of your machine. enabling the prediction and prevention of a potential issue in the future. In this manner, we can pre-plan so that nothing is unprepared and arrange service to cause the least amount of inconvenience to your activities. ensuring a productive workshop visit for the greatest uptime.



Only the best will do for your machine. Our trained, knowledgeable, and committed certified professionals will make sure that all service and maintenance work is completed accurately and quickly. Additionally, they are equipped with the appropriate instruments, such as sophisticated diagnostic equipment and database systems, which can truly make a difference for you.

Get started today!

Customer Service Agreement delivers optimal healthy equipment ownership. CSA offers more than simply security; it gives you the advantage of minimizing machine downtime and repair expenses

Call or product support team to learn more about how CSA keeps your equipment ready to use and simple to own.


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