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Perkins electric power solutions

For 90 years, Perkins has led the field in the design and manufacture of high-performance diesel engines.
With an engine range from .5 to 36 litres, Perkins engines power more than five thousand different applications throughout the world. And that's all thanks to our global network of manufacturing facilities that follow the same exacting process and quality standards at each and every location. But why does all of this matter?

Because wherever you are in the world you can be confident you're getting an engine built with your success in mind.



Our platform of 0.5-18 litre industrial engines deliver 8.2-597 kW (11-800 hp) performance. Able to meet even the most extreme demands.


Electric Power

Our engines cover 4-2500 kVA power ratings, supporting a wide range of applications, including harsh environments.



Our marine engines provide auxiliary power to generate electricity whilst at sea and alongside when fitted in generator sets.


Sectors we serve

More than 5,000 different applications are powered by Perkins engines

More than 5,000 different applications are powered by Perkins engines. We help customers build roads and homes and we provide engines for both standby and prime electricity generation. Our industrial engines are powering the most complex of applications.

Whether on land or on water, our engines are meeting the needs of Perkins customers. We supply engines for construction machines, material handling applications and for agricultural, forest, and lawn and garden uses. We have diesel and gas engines that generate both prime and standby electricity for hotels, hospitals and construction sites and larger schemes to power domestic and business customers. On water, we power vessels from small pleasure craft to large fishing boats both for propulsion and auxiliary electricity generation.

Perkins customers have come to rely on the diverse range and high quality of our products. We supply engines – for a wide range of applications, both terrestrial and marine.

A world-leading off-highway engine specialist, Perkins first began working with farming equipment manufacturers in the 1930s. Since then, our engines have been used in over 5,000 different machine applications, including some 300 tractor models. We understand your need for reliable and efficient engines that minimise downtime and fuel consumption.


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