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Service Level Agreements

Perkins engines are used by plant manufacturers who build their own, branded machines. In this way the product development cycle is shortened because the associated research and development time and cost involved are eliminated. About forty percent of Perkins engines are used by these unbranded manufacturers.


Thus, the service level agreement to these OEMs is different from the end users. They may involve training, advise, and collaboration. What ever your needs Castle Power can provide these supports to the service agreements:


  • Training

  • Inventory Management

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • Response Time

  • On-Call Service

  • Technical Services

  • Spare Parts Services

  • Schedule Monitoring

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Castle Power's proprietary scheduling program to assure we won't miss maintenance schedule. Missing service intervals can lead to reduced performance without operator noticing. It can lead to critical costly failure.


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Castle Power Philippines Inc. is the only Appointed Dealer of Perkins products in the Philippines

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