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Engine Support

Perkins engines are being used in over 5,000 applications such as excavators, pumps, lighting towers, airport handlers, and generators to name a few. No matter what the applications are, Castle Power knows that every minute of its operations counts. That is why we provide engine support you really need. Our technicians have the expertise and trained to provide you with high quality advise and repairs to minimize your downtime and keep your business going.

Our service strategy is Distributor Excellence build upon by these three foundations: Service Capability, Service Efficiency, and Service Coverage. They are designed to benefit you - the customer. With these foundations, Castle Power is ready to deliver various kinds of services and support to assist you with your engines needs. Depending on your equipment and needs, our service team is available to provide a variety of services:


We approach our service in this manner:

Individualized Service – Our expert technicians are helpful and will assist you personally to make things everything right for you.

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Quick Response Time – Having in mind to keep your business going, we strive to have our expert technicians be there when and where you need them within the day of your service call in Metro Manila and within 48 hours in provincial locations*.

Accurate Diagnostics – With a deeper understanding of the problems at hand together with Perkins proprietary Electronic Service Tool our expert technicians can accurately pinpoint the root cause of the problem, thus we do things right the first time.

Quality Repair – You can count of our technicians to deliver quality repairs by the book – no short cuts!

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