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Our Certified Expert Technicians can perform virtually all kinds of repair for your gensets. They are proficient in mechanical and electrical aspects of your equipment. 

  1. Engine

    • Air Induction And Exhaust System​

    • Cooling System

    • Engine Core System

    • Fuel System

    • Electrical System

    • Engine Support System

    • Lubrication System

  2. Generator/Alternator

    • Battery​

    • Circuit Breaker

    • Generator

  3. Control Panel

  4. Transfer Switch

  5. Synchronizing Panel


At Castle Power our expert technicians are trained to perform the most economical option when deciding to repair or replace parts, major components and/or engines.

Individual parts should be repaired when the following conditions apply:

  • The repair is expected to restore the product to its operating conditions just prior to failure.

  • The option to repair is less costly than replacing the product with new or Reman part.

Parts and assembled or serialized components (eg, engines, alternators) should be replaced when it is less costly than​ the option to repair. 


When individual parts of an assembly are not serviced (eg, fuel injection nozzles, oil cooler cores, starting motors, charging alternators, water pumps, etc) the complete assembly should be replaced.

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