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Test and Commission

We make sure that you have the confidence in owning an FG Wilson genset. So before we turned it over, we conduct thorough tests. A short walkaround to familiarize the components of the genset and its functions. Then we run the engines at no load and full load. All parameters are check to its normal values. We can also perform optional Witness Test where test such as Function Test, Human Interface Test, Generator Protection Performance, and Engine Protection 

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Test. After you are satisfied, we commission the genset at site and enroll your equipment in the FG Wilson Warranty Registration Database. 


A complete list of test Castle Power can perform are as follows:

  1. Work Load Test

  2. Human Machine Interface Control

  3. Generation Protection & Performance

  4. Engine Protection & Safety

  5. Insulation Winding

  6. Vibration Test

  7. Sound Level Test

  8. Governor Regulation Test

  9. Unit Synchronization Test

  10. Load Rejection Test

  11. Fuel Consumption Test

  12. Pre-delivery Inspection

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