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Wherever is the origin of your Perkins engine we at Castle Power covers it’s warranty including parts, labor, travel cost, and other related items. Perkins warranty is one of the best in the industry. As the appointed dealer in the Philippines, we intend to live up to that reputation. That is our commitment!


Warranty only starts upon the operation of the engine. Thus, if you are the user of the equipment with Perkins engine, you need not worry when the engine was delivered to the OEM. And if you are an OEM, we support you during the holding period of the engines up to four years.

Perkins Platinum Protection – Extended Warranty

Available in various packages, the Platinum Protection guards you against unexpected costly repair at the best possible low price. It has comprehensive coverage so that you have a peace of mind that your Perkins engine will be covered against all circumstances. To enquire about extending the warranty on your engine, please click here to contact us.

Perkins engines are the best industry. We don’t expect that something will go wrong, but when it does, it’s reassuring that your worries are covered.

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Castle Power Philippines Inc. is the only Appointed Dealer of Perkins products in the Philippines

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