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Overhauling extends the lifecycle of your engine. The great advantage of being the appointed Perkins dealer in the Philippines is that we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to perform this complicated task. You can be assured that your engine will breathe a new life. We also provide warranty to our overhauling jobs. We provide genuine parts that are specifically designed to bring you maximum performance, reliability and durability.


The range of overhaul products available from Perkins is extensive and falls within three distinct areas – cylinder components, bearings and major components. These are the areas that take the biggest strain when your engine’s in operation and are therefore most likely to need attention when it comes to overhaul. Once in place, they’ll improve your engine’s performance, reliability and durability, extending its working life significantly.


The overhaul product range includes:



The pistons are the beating heart of an engine’s combustion system and they have to be able to withstand considerable explosive forces - and staggering temperatures of up to 1,000 degrees centigrade.

Piston Liner

Piston Liners.jpg

Piston liners line the cylinder in which the pistons run. They are typically made of a more durable metal than the engine block itself and replacing them when they are worn can extend the life of your engine.

Piston Rings

Piston rings.jpg

Piston rings seal the combustion chamber. They are set with precision so as to apply the correct pressure on the cylinder wall or liner, which ensures there is a consistent film of oil across the cylinder's working surfaces.



Perkins valves cover both inlet and outlet options and they’re designed to withstand the temperatures of the combustion process.

Con rods

Con rods.jpg

Con rods transfer the power generated by the engine’s pistons to the crankshaft, which then operates the machinery it’s connected to. They travel thousands of times a minute and operate under considerable strain.



Crankshafts are a major component of your engine and allow it to operate at its optimum performance level for a long time.

Cylinder Block

Cylinder block.jpg

The cylinder block is one of your engine's central components. It plays a key role in the lubrication, temperature control and stability of the engine and it has to be of the highest quality.

Cylinder Head

Cylinder Head.jpg

Cylinder heads need to be robust. They have to withstand huge pressures and very high temperatures, while retaining their shape and form to seal the cylinder block via the head gasket.

Short Block

Short blocks.jpg

Perkins engines are designed to last for many years but if your engine does fail, it is quick and simple to obtain a replacement short block that will minimize your downtime and get your equipment back up and running swiftly.

Long Engines

Long Engines.jpg

If your engine suffers a complete failure, altough rare in most day-to-day operations, it is good to have the knowledge and reassurance that if the worst does occur, there is a solution that you can obtain.



Bearings in your engine are relatively small but they play a vital role in keeping everything running smoothly. Worn bearings can seriously affect the operation of your engine, leading to over-heating, excessive noise and wear on other components.

Replacement Engines

Replacement Engines.jpg

Perkins has  a dynamic new approach to replacement engines, making it easier and more affordable for customers to overhaul older units. An  engine replacement solutions will help minimize downtime and deliver as-new performance.

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Castle Power Philippines Inc. is the only Appointed Dealer of Perkins products in the Philippines

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