Customer Service Agreements

Owning and operating heavy construction machinery is a big task. You worked hard to acquire these machines and you can’t just afford to take it by chance. It goes beyond regular maintenance.


Castle Power offers an all-in-one solution by offering you a Customer Service Agreement (CSA) tailored fit for your needs at a cost that makes sense for your budget. A CSA puts the complex task of monitoring your machines and analyzing performance data in our hands. Eventually, this CSA will lead to lower costs associated with operating your machines.


Customer Service Agreement can be categorized into:


Parts Supply Only – for those with service crew, assurance of parts availability is key to implement repairs and programmed maintenance.


Service Agreements – composed of Inspection Service, Maintenance Service, and Full-Service Agreements.


  • Inspection Service Agreement


This service agreement visual and technical equipment inspection as well as the required maintenance parts kits. Every 1000 hours a detailed inspection report will be included describing the condition of your equipment as well as advanced warning of potential problems.


  • Maintenance Service Agreement


In addition to the standard features of Inspection Service Agreement, the Maintenance Service Agreement involves our expert technician to perform all maintenance every 250 hours as specified in the SEM Operation and Maintenance Manual.


  • Full-Service Agreement


 A Full-Service Agreement provides you with peace of mind and an end to the uncertainties of scheduling and the task of repair and maintenance, leaving you to focus on your business that matters.


When you agree to the CSA you benefit from:


  1. Timely service at your work site

  2. Support from expert, factory-trained technicians

  3. Emergency response and after-hours service

  4. Documentation of equipment service history data

  5. Regular inspections and fluid analysis for early detection

  6. Flexible scheduling

  7. Competitive, fixed pricing