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Track-Type Tractor



  • Operating Weight: 16,900kg (Standard Model)

  • Ground Pressure: 66.8kPa (Standard Model)

  • Ground Clearance: 410mm (Standard Model)

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Experience the SEM816D
Track-Type Tractor
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Specs Catalog

Hydrostatic Drive System

  • The upgraded hydrostatic system not only leverages Caterpillar automatic, dual path, hydrostatic drive with electronic control technology of the third generation TTT but also increases efficiency and reliability.

  • Adopt Rexroth German new generation one case drive pump to combine control valve, track motor, simplified hose line design, continue to increase the reliability.

  • Caterpillar high-pressure hose provides reliability and durability. Caterpillar control technology provides accurate control and high transmission efficiency.

  • Integrated the hydrostatic oil tank and implement a hydraulic oil tank to improve filtrated precision and cooling capability of the hydraulic system, increasing reliability and reducing maintenance cost.

  • Maintenance costs are reduced by 60% when compared to competitors with torque converters and transmission and rear axle.

  • Counter rotation, power turn, and infinitely variable speed save lots of time, increasing working efficiency.

Comfortable Operation

  • Counter rotation—Tracks counter-rotate to provide best-in-class maneuverability.

  • Powered turn—The machine maintains full power through turns to increase productivity.

  • Cruise control — Operators can retain previous speed settings which makes operation easy.

  • Multi-function joystick allows for counter-rotation, powered turn, and cruise control.

  • Pilot joystick control provides comfortable precise blade operation.

Semi-Universal Blade

  • SU blade combines the excellent penetration of the S blade and the high production capacity of the U blade.

  • Designed for superior load retention and penetration in tightly packed materials.

  • L-shaped push arms bring the blade closer to the machine, providing excellent maneuverability, balance, and blade penetration.

  • Blades feature a strong box-section design, made from high tensile strength steel to stand up to the most severe applications.

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  • The undercarriage provided by China industry experts ensures high reliability and resistance to wear.

  • Carrier rollers track rollers and idle rollers are all maintenance-free.

  • The planetary final drive design delivers an increased torque ratio for higher transmission efficiency and lower maintenance cost.

  • Durable final drive bearings and multiple wet disc brakes provide reliability, reduce system heat and extend overall life.


  • Machine structures are analyzed using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and On Machine Stress Analysis (OMSA) to identify and protect high-stress areas.

  • Advanced structure welding technique, relieving welding stress.

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